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In view of the ongoing Margazhi season, Palam Silks has launched a unique line of sarees titled Concert Collections that has been intricately designed as an ode to the timeless ragas of Carnatic music.

Concert Collections, that was recently launched in the city, brings together two grand traditions — Carnatic music and Kancheepuram silk.

Created in collaboration with Carnatic ethnomusicologist, composer and singer Dr Sriram Parasuram, the collection gives a gorgeous, shimmering and sparkling touch to five beautiful Carnatic ragas — Shankarabharanam, Thodi, Bhairavi, Kalyani and Kamb hoji – with every saree representing each of the five ragas.

Speaking about the collection, Jeyasree Ravi of Palam Silks said, “The effort can be equated to the man odharma sangeetham of Carnatic music, where the artist improvises and invents, while staying true to tradition. We are proud of our association with Chennais vibrant music season, beginning with our isai payanam, a special shuttle service for rasikas during the season, and now, the Concert Collection.”

Dr Sriram added, “Whether it is sound, visual, rangoli or saree or a bridge, everything comes from design. Here, we took something that is of design — a raga, comprising of notes and arrangement, and turned it into the design of a saree. One is a sonic arrangement and the other is a visual arrangement.

We have translated five of the most basic Carnatic ragas, five big pillars, into the design of the sarees and thats a beautiful bridge. We have also segued the soundscape of each of these ragas in a 30 to 40-second piece, into the sounds of weaving, making auditory set pieces to go with the sarees.”

Palam invites women to find out which of these ragas matches their own personality. They could then wear their signature raga, their soul music with a saree from the collection. Customers may also look through the collections on


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