Indias First Garden-Tomb: Humayuns Tomb in Delhi

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Most architectures brought by the Mutual Empire have been exotic and interesting. Some of them are even listed under the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The period of Mughals is a great time in terms of art, architecture and even administration. The Humayuns Tomb in Delhi is one of the structural marvels of this era. Humayuns Tomb was also a one-of-its-kind design built during those times.

History of Humayuns Tomb

The Humayuns Tomb was commissioned by Beda Begun during the time of Emperor Akbar.

Bega Begun was one of chief consorts of Humayun. Emperor Akbar visited this beautiful mausoleum during the later stages of construction. Humayuns mortal remains were shifted to this mausoleum from his original resting place at Old Fort.


Attractions at Humayuns Tomb

Interestingly, Humayuns Tomb was one-of-its-kind architecture in those time. It was the first garden-tomb in Asia. Humayuns Tomb also marked the beginning of red stone architectures during the Mutual times. Today, it is one of the most beautiful historical places in Delhi. Humayuns Tomb was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year. Now it is one of the top attractions in Delhi.

Humayuns Tomb contains the graves of Humayun, his wife Bega Begum, Hamida Begum and Dara Shikoh. It is also near to the tomb of Nizmuddin Auliya (Nizamuddin Dargah) on the banks of Yamuna River.

Architecture of Humayuns Tomb

Humayuns Tomb was one of the coming-of-age architectures. The beautiful red stone structure reflects the Indo-Islamic architecture. We can also see a bit of Rajasthani influence in some portions of the tomb. Large arches, colourful motifs and huge gateways were characteristic feature of Mughals.

Char Bagh

Char Bagh is a Persian Style of Garden which later became a base of all the Mughal Gardens across India. The central tomb belongs to the Emperor Humayun and there are many other tombs spread across the site.

Tombs of Isa Khan, Nila Gumbad, Barbers Tomb, Afsarwala Tomb and Mosque, etc. are also part of Humayuns Tomb complex.

Location of Humayuns Tomb

Humayuns Tomb is situated in between the Mathura Road and the Lodhi Road. You can reach Humayuns Tomb is easily accessible by bus, metro train or even taxis.

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