Kutumsar Caves - Take a tour around this glittery cave!

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Cave exploration has never lost its significance and there are many who love the ambience of caves. Of course, not all of us would have seen an actual cave but we do have a fair-share of idea. However, one should definitely go on a cave expedition as it is one of the most interesting activities! We have heard a lot about well-built caves like Ajanta and Ellora but let us divert a bit to explore a more rustic ambience. Yes, the Kutumsar Cave in Chattisgarh is all about nature and untouched by man. It is a natural cave without any constructions made by man.

History of Kutumsar Caves :

Kutumsar Cave is made out of Stalactites and stalagmite formations.

These usually taken millions of years to be formed. Though Kutumsar Cave is been there for ages, it was only discovered in 1993. Since then many researches have been made to know about the ecology of the cave.

Inside Kutumsar Cave :

Kutumsar was earlier called as Gopanusar Cave. Later, it became famous as Kutumsar Cave located inside Kanger Valley National Park. Kutumsar Cave is a long cave with unique stalactite and stalagmite formations. It also has small pools at some places and a natural formation of a Shiva Linga.

Sometime ago, Kutumsar Caves also served as a religious place because of this Linga shaped formation. People used to make offerings and do pooja by light incense sticks. However, it was eventually stopped because these incense sticks were ruining the natural environment of the cave. So, now it only serves as a tourist place but you can still see this Shiva Linga.

Kutumsar Cave is long cave with dark and glittery ambience due to these formations. In fact, the cave remains submerged for some time during monsoons. Hence, we can also find some small pools inside the cave.

Railings have been provided to go inside the cave. Usually, a forest guide will accompany the visitors during their exploration. First one batch of people are allowed inside while the other batch waits till they come. Though the caves are spacious enough, this is followed to avoid commotion.

Unique Discoveries :

Several interesting species were found during the research of Kutumsar Caves. The unique kind of fishes and frogs at Kutumsar Caves are said to be blind. According to the studies, this phenomena is because of the darkness in the cave. Even a new specie of cricket insect was found. Hence, the visitors can often see frogs and some fishes inside these small pools.

Best Time to Visit Kutumsar Cave :

Winter season from November to March is the best time to visit Kutumsar Cave. Actually, the entry into caves is not allowed during the monsoon as it will be full of water.

Location of Kutumsar Cave :

Kutumsar Cave or Kutumsar Cave is situated inside Kanger Valley National Park. It is around 30km from Jagdalpur.

How to Reach Kutumsar Cave :

Tourists have to go around 10km inside Kanger Ghati National Park (Kanger Valley National Park). Since it is located inside a wildlife zone, only a few private vehicles are allowed. There are no public transports to reach Kutumsar Caves.

So, make a visit to Kutumsar Cave and enjoy the art of nature to the fullest!

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