9 Most Awaited Gadgets To Be Launched In 2017

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The year 2016 was the best that the world of technologies could have provided. From wireless earphones called Airpods to the revolutionary smartwatches, we saw many tech innovations. But as the baton gets passed on, the year of 2017 seems to be much more promising in the field technologies as many tech giants have started to mark their presence with speculations about their futuristic products.

So, buckle up to have a glance at these gadgets that are standing on the doorstep of 2017.

Samsungs Foldable smartphones

The South Korean mobile giant has already filed a patent for a foldable device.

This implies that we can very soon expect a foldable smartphone from Samsung.

Thats great!

The iPhone 8

According to the rumours and reports from sources, the so-called iPhone 8 will be an all-glass design, an organic LED display for better images, no home button, new screen sizes, and more.

Also, 2017 will mark iPhones 10th birthday.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the fireworks that were set by its predecessor and to improve its reputation, Samsung has promised to launch the new Note 8 with a fire extinguisher with every handset. Just kidding, or am I?

Google smartwatch

The most awaited google smartwatch is expected to be launched in the fall of 2017, the company made a hint about the watch at the time when it released the pixel smartphone.

Newer version of Microsofts Surface pro

Well, the update was expected in this year only, but since we never saw one, we hope a new version will swing by the coming year.

New form factors from Fitbit

Yes, it happens every year that Fitbit launches its product as an update but the company recently said, that it is exploring its form factors for its products.

Nintendo Switch

This all new gaming console is ready to get launched by March 2017 by the iconic video game maker, Nintendo. The console will be compatible with devices such as televisions and doubles as a portable system.

Xbox Project Scorpio

The most powerful and dynamic version of the Xbox series is going to come soon. This will be the gaming console which is specially designed for the 4K resolution televisions.

Virtual reality headset for windows 10

The update of the software that will let just about anyone use a VR headset with PC. The product will be launched by a variety of companies like Dell, Asus, and Lenovo for a price of about $299.

Hope you have a good gadget year!

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