Interiors: Five tips to create a cosy living room :

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Give the living room of your house a winter shield with all the warmth of the festive season

Work on warm, welcoming and cosy interiors:

Avoid placing couches and chairs along the walls, pull them near, around the centre table or wooden coffee table, this will give your home a cosier ambience. If your living room is very big, place beautiful and colourful ottoman sets along with warm wooden tables strategically. Use modern rugs and carpets that visually define the seating area and enjoy the cosier vibe.

Paint your walls with two-toned colour:

This will add a soft, warm touch to your living room, and also add depth. Go for a cheerful red, yellow, cream and orange. These colours resemble fire and evoke feelings of warmth. White and green will create a cheerful vibe. Though there is no need to colour the entire home, choose neutrals, and floral pattern curtains, cushions, bed sheets or add freshness through flowers and wall art. This will also help you and others experience peace and calm.

Lighting is essential to add warmth and coziness:

Brighten up your living room with small, beautiful lights to create a warm and radiant atmosphere. There are a variety of lights available in the market, but it’s important to get the light, right. You can go for a soft mood lighting with a layered effect, table lamps, floor lamps beside ceiling lights to make the living area visually appealing. And specially in winters, don’t forget to bring decorative yet attractive aromatic candles that will infuse fragrance to your setting.

Pick a fabric that suits your décor:

A cable- knit throw pillow, printed moose cushions that feel like sweaters, will give comfort with style. Using a variety of textiles and patterns will also soften up your living room. To save your feet from the cold floors, either place something warm on the floor or throw rugs which will also add a comfortable vibe to the room.

Pick the right frames:

Choose a few family photographs, put them together into an interesting frame and display it on your living room wall. You can also create a photo gallery and keep it on the coffee table, or fill the shelves with books, and souvenirs. While bringing the furniture close, don’t forget the corners, fill them with wooden stands or keep a tall, potted plant. source- dtnext

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