Q&A: It was fun to capture a different side of a classical dancer

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As a precursor to the Natya Darshan Conference, Decode- The Arts Studio is organising a photo exhibition, Perceive New Dimensions, that gives unique perspectives on Indian classical dance forms and dancers.

Viewed through the lens of dynamic photographers of repute, it will be curation of images. Among other photographers, popular city-based photographer G Venket Ram’s work will also be on display. He chats about it:

How difficult is it to capture a classical dancer in a unique manner?

It is an interesting challenge to explore a facet of the personality of the dancer or for that matter any classical artiste, that people are generally not aware of. While many might expect them to dress and behave in a certain manner, I find it really fun to break away from conventions. For instance, I remember shooting Mandolin Srinivas wearing jeans and casual shirt and having a lot of fun on the terrace. So it is all about ones perception.

So how do you go about planning a shoot with an artiste?

It actually turns me into a psychologist! I have to talk to the person and find out interesting aspects of his or her personality that is not apparent to most people. Once I discover that, I discuss it with the artiste and then compose my shot.

Which works of yours will be up on display at this upcoming exhibition?

My photos of dancer Shobhana will be a part of the exhibition. They are very interesting photos that capture a different dimension of her.

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