5 reasons why you should definitely have ghee this winter :

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This Indian superfood has stood the test of time, and is actually quite healthy.

Sounds unbelievable, doesnt it? The very ingredient our mothers and grandmothers have been pushing us to consume, but we didnt because we were told that its high in cholesterol, can actually do us bucket loads of good!

If youve come across conversations with Kareena Kapoor Khan, and her renowned nutritionist friend, Rujuta Diwekar, youll already know that its true--ghee is actually really good for us. When we first came across Diwekars arguments, we were as surprised as you are. Over the last decade or so, nutritionists and dieticians have been telling us to cut off the fat from our lives, whether its oil, ghee, or lard.

So how the hell can ghee actually be good for us?

Because granny said so

Ghee is one of the dairy products that have been made and consumed in India since time immemorial. Lets just say that generations of people in this subcontinent have grown up on ghee.

We have it raw, with rice, on our dal or rotis, and even in our curries--and weve been doing this for centuries. So our physique is used to and built with ghee, from birth to death. And if our systems are naturally used to ghee, how can it be bad for us? Simple logic dictates that daadi ke nuskhe rarely go wrong. So how can it be wrong where ghee is concerned?

Nectar of life

According to ayurveda, the panchamritas or five nectars of life are honey, sugar, milk, yogurt, and (guess what?) ghee! These ingredients arent just used because theyre ritually associated with the divine or the sacred. They actually have individual connotations, according to their specific characteristics. Ghee, for example, represents knowledge and victory. Its obvious then, isnt it? Having ghee actually makes you smarter, because it almost works like a brain tonic!

The superfood that burns fat

Contrary to popular believe, ghee is not an ordinary fat. Its actually a part of the small group of top-performing fats in the world, and has short chain fatty acids. As Rujuta Diwekar explains, these fats actually help break down body fat, and increase the count of healthy bacteria in the gut and stomach. So instead of making you obese, ghee actually helps shed fat and lose weight naturally!

Fight off diseases

If youve been wondering how to fight off diseases related to your blood sugar levels, like diabetes, PCOD and obesity, heres how. You need to have food with low glycemic index, and the best way to do that is to add ghee. Adding ghee to food reduces its glycemic index, which in turn helps regulate your blood sugar levels. So instead of leading to these diseases, ghee is a fat that helps our bodies build up the immunity to fight it.

Its simply yummy

Finally, lets just come down to the very basic reason to have ghee--its superbly delicious. Adding ghee to your food enhances its flavour like nothing else can. And it doesnt even matter if the thing youre cooking up is sweet, savoury or spicy. Ghee goes with everything. The heat generated from having food with ghee on top, in it, or even fried in it, will help you stay warm this winter, and every winter to come.

So let go of the guilt associated with ghee. Its not a villain you need to avoid, but actually a blessing you must include in your daily life. Trust us, your body and palate will both thank you for having a little bit of ghee.

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