Skin Deep: The second edition of Heartwork Tattoo festival :

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In the beginning of 2016, tattoos brought some cheer for 29-year-old Veronica Singh, who suffers from Crohns disease. She inked her right arm with smiling minions shooting heart-shaped motifs in the air. “Tattoos have no barriers of language and manage to bring a smile whenever someone looks at them,” she says. At the opening day of the second edition of Heartwork Tattoo Festival at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, yesterday, the former business manager-turned-tattoo-apprentice from Delhi, chose to get another tattoo made — the portrait of a bruised girl child, whose mouth is covered with an adult hand, tattooed on her legs by renowned tattoo artist Fred from Spain. “For me, tattoos are the biggest form of freedom of expression. It is more like a personality and speaks more than words. This tattoo reveals that there is something just not right with this girl. Isnt it the story of many Indian girls?” Singh says, amidst the low buzz of dancing needles and tattoo machines in the background.

The three-day festival has in attendance more than a 100 artists from India and abroad, including Bez 666 from the UK, Jay Freestyle from the Netherlands and Stepan Negur from Russia. There are also live performances by the band Kabir Cafe and comedian Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, among others.

Arvind Garg of Tattoo Gizmo company, who is also one of the organisers of the festival, says, “This time, we are getting more mature clients. Earlier, clients would ask the design to be copied from the internet. But now they are coming with stories highlighting moments from their life and discussing them with the artists to get the tattoos customised. Few are getting their new borns feet inked, adults are getting the portraits of their parents tattooed while others are returning to tribal tattoos and abstract works.”

Amateur tattoo artist Linda Kremers, 36, from Holland, has come with her husband Tommy Gun. The duo runs studio Luctor Et Victor. More than her stall, the artwork adorning her body has been garnering attention and photograph requests. Her body is inked with 40 tattoos. While geometrical patterns adorn half of her shaved scalp, to present a blooming lotus flower on her head, portraits of her mother and father decorate the length of her thighs and legs. “People say I am crazy. I tell them that it may be crazy to you but this is quite normal to me,” says Kremers.

The festival is on at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium till December 4

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