Cat yoga is the mewest trend :

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There are no studies to prove health benefits of cat yoga.

Bored with the same old yoga positions? Yoga enthusiasts who are looking to try something different need not look further, cat yoga is the latest trend in exercise now. Classes have popped up in New York, San Francisco, Des Moines and Alabama. The Good Mews cat shelter in Marietta, an Atlanta suburb, is home to over 100 cats, the CNN reported. These felines wait for a human to adopt them and give them a home. However, some nights their shelter transforms into a yoga studio.

As the spandex-clad women strike various yoga poses, the sleeping cats that had been lounging instantly jolt awake and start climbing down toward their prey: the yoga mats. The Herculean task for the women is keeping their yoga mat feline-free. As soon as the soothing music starts, cats do make a beeline for the students and the yoga mats.

One of the shelter managers, along with a longtime volunteer who is a certified yoga instructor, got the idea for the class after seeing a cat video on the Internet. There are no studies about the health benefits of cat yoga, but instructor Lisa Bass sees a difference in her students. “Cat yoga,” she says, “is good for your soul.” The class has been a huge hit.

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