This Russian Artist Carves Incredible Sculptures With Pencil Leads :

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We have always wanted the tip of our pencils to be sharp so as to carve the best possible writing and therefore never bore it to be in any other shape.

Russian artist Salavat Fidai thought of doing something different with the leads of the pencils. He uses an X-ACTO knife with the help of which he carves miniature renderings of buildings, hands, and various other characters.

Come, lets have a look at his art gallery.

Pencil arts

The process requires an understanding of how much pressure the lead can withstand.

Also, the mistakes are inevitable.

No scope for mistakes, not even of a mili-centimeter.

Apart from these, he also paints on matchboxes and seeds.

An individual pencil can be sold off for $550.

Look at his art of minuteness.

Not only his art but also his imagination has to be applauded.

You can also follow him on Instagram.

You can have a look at this video and learn from his way of carving.

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