These 5 Chor Bazaars Are So Cheap That You Would Love To Visit Them :

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No matter even if you are getting a 70 percent discount on a particular product, the love of getting things from Chor Bazaar is simply awesome.

While some of them may feel awkward while visiting these cheap markets, some others dance with joy as you can get hands on some of the luxury things at dirt cheap price. From retaining markets to local hawkers, nothing can beat the happiness of purchasing products from a sophisticated looking Chor Bazaar.

Here are some of the best Best Chor Bazaar you should visit at least once.

1. Mutton Street, Mumbai :

Mutton Street in Mumbai is one of the most popular and famous chor bazaar in India.

This Bazaar has been here for more than 150 years and is known as the biggest hub for goods and services. From second-hand clothes to expensive looking sunglasses, you can find everything at this chor bazaar at dirt cheap rates.

2. Chickpet Market, Bengaluru :

If Mumbai is no accessible at your end, there is second best chor bazaar of India situated in Bengaluru. Head to the Sunday Flea Market at Chickpet and you will go crazy after looking at these antique pieces and goods here. From artificial jewelry to antique home decoration pieces, this Chor Bazaar is just a remarkable place for people who love shopping. Girls you should surely plan a visit here because you can get hands on some of the super expensive silk sarees and fancy clothes at affordable rates.

3. Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi :

There is no denying fact that this place is a mystery in itself. And just like that, there is Delhis Chor Bazaar nestled in the throbbing lanes of Chandni Chowk, behind the majestic Red Fort. From Zara to Clarkes you can get some of the best branded clothes at discounted rates. And then you can move to Daryaganj book market, the best place for book lovers where you can find books at cheap rates. Other than these, this Chor Bazaar is stuffed with second-hand and theft products.

4. Soti Ganj, Meerut :

Are bike and car your first love? Well, then proceed to Soti Ganj in Meerut which is known to be the world for bike or car lovers. This is the largest automobile scrap market in North India where you can find cars stolen from NCR and surrounding areas in Delhi. From BWM, Rolls Royce to Maruti 800 or Tata Indica, you can find all the spare parts in this market. One best feature about this market is you can purchase jeep as cheap as Rs. 30000 which was previously owned by army officers.

5. Pudupet Market, Chennai :

Every automobile lovers thirst will quench at this huge market. From spare parts of brands and customized cars, this market has all of it. This Bazaar is full of mafia type people who have international connections to get in some of the antique and super expensive parts for you. Dont be shocked if you end up getting your purse or mobile stolen itself! Beware and shop safely.

If you are happy to hear about these Chor Bazaars in India, let me tell you that you need to be extra cautious while heading to such places. 40 per cent of fans end up getting their personal things stolen in the market and you never know, if it would be sold the next day in the same shop.

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