Apple Mirror works like an iPad, has everything we want in a mirror and more :

Posted by-Kalki Team

Running late while getting ready? Simply request for an Uber or drop your friend a message on your touchscreen mirror.

Dubbed the Apple Mirror, this mirror essentially works like a giant reflective iPad, allowing you to text, play music, stream videos, check the forecast, get a Uber, all while getting dressed.

This secret new product from Apple, the ‘Apple Mirror’ does not actually come from the tech giant, but is instead, inspired by its iOS 10 interface. The idea first came to designer Rafael Dymek when he saw his girlfriend in a scramble to find her phone while getting ready in front of the mirror. Created as a personal project, Dymek does not intend to sell the mirror commercially, though it will most likely end up on everybodys wish list this Christmas.

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