6 Famous Nandi Statues in South India :

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You will atleast find a miniature statue of Nandi if not a big one in everyone Shiva Temple. Nandi is the most trusted follower and mount (vahana) of Shiva. Nandi is also the gatekeeper of Shivas abode. In this article, let us visit some of the largest and famous Nandi statues in South India.

Bull Temple

Bull Temple in Bengaluru

Folklore has it that a bull which was chased by the villagers sat on a stone platform and turned into a statue.

Bull Temple is one of the most famous temples in Bengaluru. In fact, the whole area is named after this temple. This granite statue of Nandi is one of the biggest Nandi Statues in India. For some years, there was also a belief that Nandi Statue was growing in size. Later, a wooden bar was put on top of Nandis head to stop it from growing. In fact, you can see this wooden bar even to this day.


Mahanandishwara Temple

The village of Mahanandi is popularly known as Nava Nandikshetra in Kurnool. The Mahanandishwara Temple with the presiding deity of Lord Shiva is the main temple. The statue of Nandi at Mahanandishwara Temple is said to be one of the biggest monolithic Nandi statues.

Nandi Mysore

Nandi Statue, Mysore

This beautiful sculpture of Nandi in Chamundi Hills holds a history of 350 years. It was commissioned by Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar, the then King of Mysore Kingdom. The monolithic Nandi is situated enroute to Chamundi Temple.

Nandi at Gangaikondacholapuram Temple

Nandi, Gangaikondacholapuram

Brihadeeswarar Temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram is one of the architectural marvels of Chola Dynasty. Its basic design and structure is similar to Brihadeshwarar Temple in Thanjavur. One important attraction of this amazing temple is the figurine of Nandi located in front of the temple. Interestingly, the idol is built in such a way that it reflects the sunlight into the inner sanctum.

Bull at Yaganti


Yaganti Uma Maheshwara Temple in Kurnool is said to have a growing Nandi idol inside the temple. According to locals, this Nandi was much smaller in size and has grown bigger over the years. In fact, even ASI has confirmed by saying that the rock has the qualities of expanding.

Nandi at Lepakshi


The stunning Bull (Nandi) is the one who welcomes us inside Lepakshi Temple. This monolithic statue of Nandi is very beautiful and exhibits excellent craftsmanship. All the architectural marvels of Lepakshi is credited to Vijayanagar Kings.

These architectures are intricate and exotic. It is worthwhile to explore such amazing sculptures in India.

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