Decor tips: How to buy right chandelier for house :

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Chandeliers are beautiful decorative item that add style to your house. These illuminate houses and make it more graceful. When your house has a right chandelier then it add to beauty of your house else it will give awkward look to house. So, consider following few points while buying a chandelier for house.

Choose the size in width:- It is essential to buy chandelier of appropriate size.

Before buying a chandelier, first determine the size of room i.e. length and width. The chandelier should not be too small or too big for the room. For a dining room, choose chandelier that is slightly more than one-third the width of dining table.

Determine the length:- In choosing a chandelier, height of room also matters. If the ceiling is high then length of chandelier should be according to that height. Measuring from the bottom of the chandelier, a foyer chandelier should hang atleast 7 feet off the floor.

Complement your room:- Always choose chandeliers that are in trend.

Apart from trend, another important thing to consider is it matches your room. When you go for buying a chandelier then keep the design and furniture of room in mind. If chandelier does not complement the room then the purpose of buying it will not be solved.

Lights you need:- When you plan lights and lamps for your dining or drawing room, you should consider the intensity of chandeliers light too.

If there are other lights in room then that will also fulfill the requirement of illumination. So, choose chandelier with adjustable lighting mode.

Do not overshadow other objects:- Your chandelier should be at such length that it must overshadow other objects. Chandelier as well as other decorative items in room can be distinguished well.

Decorative objects, if placed very closely then will create a messy look.

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