Secrets About Tesla Cars — You Possibly Did Not Know!

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Tesla has revolutionised the way we look at electric cars, gone are the boring and geeky looking electric cars. Tesla cars are like any other sports cars that we encounter in our daily life. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is always in the news by announcing new innovations for his cars. Here are secrets of Tesla cars you probably did not know:

Tesla Car Lineup - S3XY Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants his cars to be the meaning of sexy and that is literally the case. The Model S, Model X and the upcoming Model 3 are all part of that definition in the adventure for the car line to spell SEXY or S3XY, the Y upon the release of Teslas Model Y SUV.

Tesla had initially thought of naming the Model 3 as Model E; however, Ford filed for the Model E trademark and dashed the hope of Model E from Tesla. Musk even quoted by saying Like why did you go steal Teslas E? Like youre some sort of fascist army marching across the alphabet, some sort of Sesame Street robber?"

James Bond & Tesla Cars Intriguing right? Well, Elon Musk turned his love for James Bond movies and the gadgets in the movie. The Tesla CEO refers to easter eggs in his cars and lets owners to find the hidden feature in the car.

Owners of Tesla Model S can hold the "T" button to bring up the technician login screen and typing "007" will transform the on-screen car into the submersible Lotus Esprit S1 car used in the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me".

Elon Musk famously purchased the actual Lotus Espirit S1 car used in the film for $866,000 and he says that he plans to convert it into a fully submersible vehicle.

Tesla Model S Supersedes Crash Test The Tesla Model S broke the machine the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses for evaluations of roof crush in 2013. As per the evaluations, the Model S scored a 5.4 which is impressive considering that cars are usually ranked in the scale of one to five stars.

First Electric Car To Surpass Range Of 300 Miles The Tesla Model S became the first electric car to go past the 300 miles (483km) range. The car is also one of the fastest cars by acceleration ever produced as per Teslas specifications.

The Tesla P100D with the Ludicrous mode jumps the Model S range by up to 315 miles (507km) and it allows the car to accelerate from 0 - 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Tesla claims the Model S is the third-fastest accelerating car ever produced right behind LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Tesla Sunroof Tesla cars are not just about range and easter eggs, it stays competitive like the new glass sunroof.

Though it is not the sunroof that we are accustomed to, last week Tesla announced an all-glass roof for the Model S. Musk said that they have a new glass division which is developing new glass tech to use on the Model 3. Elon Musk in a tweet mentioned that future Tesla cars may come with a solar roof, call that innovation! Tesla Model X Cannot Be Driven On The Brooklyn Bridge The Brooklyn Bridge has a weight limit of 3 tonnes (2723 kg), the Model X weighs over 3 tonnes and technically the car cannot be driven over the Brooklyn bridge. Tesla Model X Cabin Is Eco-Friendly Now is that surprising? Well, Teslas Bio Weapon Defense Mode uses large HEPA (High-efficiency particulate arrestance) filters to neutralise any harmful chemicals and pollution in the cars cabin.

Tesla Is Not Just About Cars Elon Musk has announced in his "Master Plan, Part Deux" that Tesla will manufacture an all-electric semi truck and a driverless, electric bus as well. The truck will be equipped with self-driving hardware just like Tesla production cars, Musk added that a driver will be necessary for few years, though.

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