How to decorate sofa with cushions :

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Your living room talks a lot about style. It is that area of room that needs to be decorated with proper care. We dont value its role but actually cushions make a huge impact on the whole room. But it is not very easy to buy right style of cushions. To help you, we have brought few tips. Lets have an idea on decorating sofa of living room with cushions.

Cushions must not match fabric of sofa:- In some sofa, matching cushions are given by company to the buyer.

The cushions that match with sofas will not give an appealing look. As the matching cushions will blend with your couch and result in monotonous look. Cushions should be such that bring life to the room.

Choose colour wisely:- Be cautious about colours while choosing the cushions for sofa.

Consider the colours of walls, paintings in room, pattern of curtains and colour of sofa before selecting cushions. Choose cushions that will give harmonious and stylish look to the whole room.

Number of cushions:- Always buy cushions according to the style of your sofa and room. If you prefer to have traditional kind of sofas, go for even number in cushions.

The people who likes modern look should use odd number of cushions with their sofas. This is just an idea. You can decide number of cushions on the sofa as per your choice.

Shape and size of cushions:- Shape and size of cushions also matter.

As the cushions are available in various sizes as well as patterns, so buy them as per your choice. By choosing cushions of two patterns or two sizes, you can give variation. You can also put cushions 5-6 cushions each of different patterns.

Arrangement of cushions:- You may arrange them in any pattern as per your choice.

How you arrange cushions simply shows your creativity. You can get ideas about arrangement of cushions from internet. Give a kick to your artistic side and show your talent through stylish home decor.

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