DIY diaries: Heres how you can quirk up your tech accessories :

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When you are stylish, why should your tech accessories be boring?

From your cell phone charger and phone covers to your home keys, — you can add a snazzy personal touch to these indispensables.

Those black and white earphones that you carry around sometimes dont match up to your quirky and fun style. Know how to give them a revamp. And if youre looking for a cool and customized phone cover without spending too much, this is for you. Get those creative juices flowing and give your old gadget accessories a stylish transformation with easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ideas. The best part? You can change them whenever youre bored and can create something fresh on zero budget. Changing the designs and patterns is as easy as changing your nail polish. So lets start!

Nail Paint Revamp: Sparkle lovers, this is for you. With the help of craft crystals and bindis, perk up your old phone cover, using your favourite nail paint. It works better than watercolours!

Colour Coded: Which key unlocks which door? The easiest way to steer from confusion is to colour the keys in different shades. Use metallic spray paint or nail polish.

Glitter Cables: Jazz up your data, charging or earphone cables by using neon threads. Line the cables with glue, cover with the threads and let them dry for a few hours. Sparkle tape works just as well too.

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