Walnut launches app to find #ATMwithCash :

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Walnut, a personal finance management app, has launched a new feature that allows users to find a working #ATMwithCash, by tracking aggregate ATM withdrawals across India in real-time.

Having access to cash is vital in situations such as a medical emergency, or in cases where electronic payments are not possible. However, accessing cash via ATMs has become a cumbersome process with the dispensing machines running out of cash and people having to wait in long queues for several hours.

Walnut will track the ATM usage of its 1.8+ million users to help people across the country find a functional ATM with cash near them. Every time a Walnut user visits an ATM successfully, the app will prompt the user for details on the queue status at the ATM. The feature allows users to help fellow Indians by sharing this information on WhatsApp and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The new feature can point users to: ATMs with cash with a short queue are denoted by a green pin; ATMs with cash with a long queue are denoted by a red pin; ATMs with no cash/unknown activity status are denoted by a grey pin.

Amit Bhor, Co-Founder and CEO, Walnut says, “In light of the recent announcements to fight black money and the hardships faced, we thought of making the process of finding active ATMs simple. Walnut app crowd sources information across millions of users and helps everyone find an #ATMwithCash in real-time and with queue information. When Walnut users transact at an ATM, they can choose to share information and this helps everyone around them. Also, as many of us are using our debit and credit cards more it becomes difficult to track spends. Walnut helps by automatically tracking all your expenses.”

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