A story of obsession, love and betrayal :

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Bestselling author Durjoy Datta speaks about his latest book, The Girl of My Dreams, a psychological thriller with hints of romance and the supernatural.

One of the bestselling authors on the Indian commercial fiction landscape today, 29-year-old Durjoy Duttas works that also include Now That Youre Rich, She Broke Up, Ohh Yes, I Am Single! and Worlds Best Boyfriend among others, have collectively sold more than two and a half million copies. Duttas stories, often involving extremely relatable characters, revolve around love, relationships, sexuality and death.

However, his 13th literary work, The Girl of my Dreams, and second this year after Our Impossible Love that released in January, is a slight deviation of sorts from his usual romance novels. The Girl of my Dreams is a psychological thriller with a hint of supernatural. “I havent yet had a crazy, demented reader who would go on to haunt me for the mistakes I committed in a book or the injustices faced by a certain character. So, that’s where the idea of the book stemmed from.

I thought what I if I had such a reader. Also, having grown up reading thrillers of all kinds, Ive always wanted to write one of my own. So, in a way, the book is a dream come true,” he says. Divulging further about the book that was launched at the Starmark Store, Express Avenue, he adds, “It is about a writer and how a character who he dreams of comes alive and makes certain demands from him.

The characters in the narrative are flawed and broken, making you want to reach out to them. And then comes the twist, after which you want to run away from the same characters. It’s a story of obsession, love and betrayal.”

While the author is basking in the overwhelming success of the book that was initially launched in October, he says he did have his fair share of struggles while penning the thriller. “I have always written character-driven novels. So, the temptation to slow down the story and explore the characters was huge. The first draft of the book was twice as long. I had to cut down major portions to heighten the drama and the thrill.

That was the most difficult part. Also, I had to make the book believable and spooky at the same time. The reader has to feel that this was something that could happen,” explains Datta, who published his first book Of Course I Love You when he was 21 and still in college.

Speaking of drama, Datta has also written screenplays for over a 1,000 episodes of very popular shows on Hindi television including Sadda Haq, Veera, Twist Wala Love, Million Dollar Girl and Secret Diaries, most of which have also received considerable critical acclaim. “TV is an open-ended medium unlike books.

Storylines and characters can change at the drop of a hat and that requires you to be flexible and dynamic. Also, its a collaborative effort and you get to learn from your fellow writers, producers and directors as well. However, books continue to be my first love,” says Datta.

Hes already working on his next story. “Right now, it’s a lot of words, ideas and paragraphs and I don’t really know what it is about yet. But a long-arching love story will form the core of the narrative. And it might be more than one book,” concludes Datta.

Author: Durjoy Datta

Genre: Horror romance

Publisher: Penguin Random House India (15 October, 2016)

Paperback: 288 pages

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