Interiors: Drape your home decor with stripes :

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Stripes—especially on walls and floors—promote order. They have an almost architectural power to redirect the eye and reshape a space. As a thumb rule, the larger the space, the wider wall stripes should be, because thin stripes in a big expanse can look like mere texture from afar.

Chennai: Vertical stripes:

Vertical stripes on walls or drapes create an illusion of height, making a low ceiling seem higher. In small spaces that need to make a big impact, like a powder room or foyer, strong stripes can be charming. Black and white wallpaper in such areas looks absolutely terrific and impactful.

Horizontal stripes:

Horizontal stripes on walls have an edgy, irreverent vibe. They can make a corridor feel longer, a ceiling lower (and cozier), and a room wider. They are a great way to do up small bathrooms, as they give an illusion of expanse. In varied colours and widths, horizontal stripes can feel fresh and playful.

Off- kilter stripes:

Zigzags, curves and broken lines represent the wild side of the stripe family, less structured but still ordered. Stimulating and energetic, they can tone down the seriousness of a traditional space or up the fun in a modern scheme. They create movement and energy. Use them in small doses, like when upholstering your furniture, or as carpets on your floors.

Multicoloured stripes:

Lively and happy, multicoloured stripes are a natural for kids’ spaces but can also work well in sophisticated neutral rooms. They can animate even the most understated scheme. Use the palette of the stripes to complement your choice of room accents. A balance of neutral tones and multicolour stripes is a sure winner.

Blend stripes florals and solids:

This is a foolproof recipe for throw pillows. Take a solid color couch and put together three or four cushion designs that are clearly distinct but share a palette. Try a wide stripe, a narrow stripe, a dainty paisley, and a solid. The effect is cohesive, with just enough randomness to feel homey.

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