Tour Rajasthan And Experience These 5 Unique And Vibrant Festivals You Are Unaware Of!

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Rajasthan is certainly one of the most unique and flamboyant states in India! The uniqueness of Rajasthan is not just constrained to the grandeur royalty and rugged landscapes. It is also famous for its rich culture with exclusive and vibrant festivals. Lets take a look at 5 unique festivals of Rajasthan that are going to astound you. These 5 unique Rajasthani festivals are some of the best uncommon festivals in India. Camel Festival of Bikaner!

Camel festival in Bikaner :

is one of the most sought after events in Rajasthan. This glorious yearly event, held in January to honour the ship of the desert, starts off with a magnificent procession of bedecked camels pit against the red sandstone backdrop of the Junagarh Fort. The spectacular two day affair includes camel races, camel milking, fur cutting design, best breed competition, camel acrobatics and camel beauty pageants. The jubilant skirt swirling dancers, the awe-inspiring fire dance and the dazzling fireworks add largely to the charm of this festival.

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer :

Desert festival lights up the sand dunes of Jaisalmer once in a year! During this 3 day festival held in the month of February, puppeteers, acrobats, camel tattoo shows, camel races, camel polo, traditional processions, camel mounted bands, folk dancers, etc. lit up the otherwise remote and unspoiled sands of Jaisalmer.

Pushkar Fair :

Pushkar fair is one of the biggest Camel fairs in the world and is a must witness spectacle while in Rajasthan. This annual week-long camel and livestock fair is held on the banks of picturesque lake of Pushkar. Competitions such as the matka phod, longest moustache and bridal competition are the main draws for this fair.

Nagaur Cattle Fair :

The 8 day cattle fair of Nagaur is the second biggest fair in India! Held every year between the months of January and February, approximately 70,000 bullocks, camels and horses are traded at this fair every year. The animals are lavishly decorated and even their owners dress up with colourful turbans and long moustaches. Sport activities held in this fair include tug-of-war, camel races and bullock races. Nagaur fair is also famous for its jugglers, puppeteers, storytellers, etc.

International Kite Festival in Jaipur :

International Kite festival of Rajasthan is a wonderful spectacle that is unique. Celebrated across the state of Rajasthan, the festivities peak in Jaipur. The celebration looks striking in the evening when fireworks alongside kites, with lights in them, brighten the citys skyline. These are the best 5 unique festivals of Rajasthan. Travel to Rajasthan and experience these 5 unique Rajasthani festivals at its best! Happy travelling :)

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