10-point beard guide to No-Shave November :

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Move over, soul patch and French beard. Here are 10 different styles to try instead.

1) Anchor :

This style leaves your face free of sideburns, and the beard extends along the jawline. It suits men with slightly round or small faces as the anchor has curves, and makes the chin appear longer and broader.

2) Balbo :

Inspired by Italian air marshall Italo Balbo, a Mussolini henchman. Resembling an inverted T, it requires you to grow a moustache too. Men with narrow faces can carry this off well.

3) Chin curtain :

Ideal for men whose facial hair growth is limited to the chin. This style doesnt suit those with a long jawline, but is flattering on those with a broad jawline.

4) Chin strap :

The only thing that differentiates this style from a chin curtain is that, here, you sport a moustache too.

5) Ducktail :

Currently popular among the youth. The upper part of the beard is trimmed shorter, while the hair on the chin area can be as long as you wish. Sideburns and beard length blend into one, the chin resembles a ducks tail as it tapers down.

6) French Fork :

Ideal for men whose hair growth on the chin and sides of cheeks is sparse. Those with a long face should avoid this style as itll make your face appear even longer. Itll go well on a square- or rectangle-shaped face.

7) Handlebar :

A full beard with a handlebar moustache, this is a classic style that requires you to observe good facial hygiene. Itll flatter those with a heart- or rectangle-shaped face.

8) Hollywoodian :

This vintage style of beard is detached from the sideburns. It has the thickness of a full beard and, while it doesnt require intense grooming, it requires careful trimming.

9) Verdi :

This style is named after Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901). Its a short, round-bottomed beard, with slightly-shaved cheeks and a full moustache.

10) Van Dyke :

This one gets its name from the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. You need to grow a moustache and goatee, while cheeks remain shaved.

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