Searching for a Silver Lining: An emotional tale of a girls life :

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Author Miranda Dickinsons Searching for a Silver Lining is a good read but has its loop holes. While the language of the book is simple that mirrors the journey of a girl, who finds happiness after the loss of her grandfather, the narrative seems to lose its flow, right in the middle of the story.

The USP of the book remains in its ability to express simple emotions precisely with which the readers can connect easily. However, there are certain aspects in the story which could have been done away with.

One does get confused with the cover of the book which says — It started with a promise, thinking it to be the title. However, it’s a blurb — a concept not much known to Indian readers. It does entice readers who like reading optimistic works. It can change your mood from bad to good for sure and eventually bring a smile to your face.

Title: Searching For A Silver Lining

Author: Miranda Dickinson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Price: Rs 499

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