Pakistan singers version of Malare a superhit :

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At a time when the patriotism of Indian filmmakers is being questioned based on their casting choices, a Pakistani girls rendition of a Malayalam song is receiving warm cross-border treatment.

In the video, that has now gone viral, the girl sings the popular hit Malare from the film Premam. “Since I have met so many friends from Kerala, India and Dubai, it’s my wish to dedicate a Malayalam song for you people,” Dubai-based Nazia Amim Muhammad says at the start of the video.

Nazia, a native of Karachi, also apologises in advance for any mistakes she might make during the course of the song. Nazia begins on a strong note and only gets better as she progresses.

However, she stumbles with the Malayalam lyrics a little and laughs at her own mistake, even as she continues to finish the first stanza of the song. She says that one of her Malayali friends later shared the video on Facebook in view of the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India.

Nazia, whose mother is an Indian, adds that she has always wanted peace between the two nations. Nazia, who is currently based in Dubai, is a business development executive.

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