Apps to help you reach your fitness goals :

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Whether youre trying to lose weight, walk more steps in a day, or make time for a seven-minute power workout, fitness apps can help. So, here are a few fitness apps that let you set your own goals and maintain a pace thats right for you. They also keep you motivated for becoming the version of yourself you want to be.

Google Fit :

Effortlessly track any activity with Google Fit. As you walk, run, or cycle throughout the day, your phone or Android Wear watch automatically logs them with Google Fit. One can see real-time stats for ones runs, walks, and rides. Google Fit will record your speed, pace, route, elevation, and more so you can stay motivated and on track. It will help you set goals based on steps, time, distance, calories burned. You will receive personalised recommendations and coaching for activity goals. It aggregates info from other apps to track fitness, nutrition, sleep, and weight. Also, you can check in from anywhere. You can also track your progress from your phone, tablet, the web ( ) and even your Android Wear watch.

Yoga-pedia :

This app includes images and instructions for nearly 100 yoga poses and mudras. It also includes a “pose of the day” feature where each day, users can stream a short audio lesson for one of the poses included in the app. Images, instruction, and audio narration are all integrated with the Pose of the Day feature. Yoga-pedia is a subset of the premium app, A Pose for That. A Pose for That includes four instructional videos and mapping of poses to topics like weight loss, stress reduction, and strength building. So, no matter what your issue, theres most probably a pose for that.

Workout Trainer :

Get in the best shape of your life with thousands of free workouts and custom training programmes that help you hit your fitness goals. Workout Trainer is an app on Android that provides all the guidance and motivation one needs. Certified personal trainers guide you through exercises with timed, step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions complete with encouragement. You can also choose your area of focus and use the app to get a six pack, lose weight, improve your running, practice yoga, and more. Workout Trainer is ideal for people who want to get in shape without using any exercise equipment. It specialises in bodyweight-only high intensity workouts, quick strength building routines, energising yoga practices, and brutal fitness challenges.

Endomondo :

Track your progress on your sports activities on your Android with Endomondo Sports Tracker. Endomondo Sports Tracker is a free outdoor sports tracker app that helps you keep track of your development in your distance based sport activities such as running, biking and walking or even just on a treadmill. The app has a digital tracker that can measure time duration, distance and speed for every activity. It also assesses performance and helps you to analyse your training and check your progress and of course gives you a lot of tools that will certainly help you in your goals. Moreover, the app will help you post your workouts on Facebook and you can also see your friends workouts as well.

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