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Unfortunately, your new-born doesnt come with a manual. So, fire up your e-reader and read on for this weeks top parenting book picks.

Chennai: The Modern Gurukul:

Are you confused about raising your child? How many hours should they spend with the TV, IPad or XboX? Do you worry about what should they eat, drink and read? As the urban, nuclear family is becoming the norm replacing the traditional joint-family, what happens to the children who grow up with one singular support system? In The Modern Gurukul, popular actress Sonali Bendre Behl shares her three principles of parenting that will help you find a balance between tradition and modernity, and show you how to raise your child in the digital age. Personal, anecdotal and honest, it highlights the need for a return to our roots to raise a healthy, curious, and, most importantly, a compassionate child.

The Toddlers Busy Book:

Toddlers Busy Book written by Trish Kuffner contains 365 screen-free activities (one for each day of the year) for one-and-a-half to three-year-olds using things found around the home. It shows parents, babysitters, and daycare providers interesting tips like how to:

Save money by making your own supplies of magic mud, homemade face paint, peanut butter playdough, and ornamental frosting; get organised for your toddler by keeping a “baker’s box” full of unbreakable cooking tools in the kitchen your child can help with; and much more.

Parenting Teens in Modern Times:

Written by Anju Muzafir-Chazot, Parenting Teens in Modern Times deals with family structures, freedom, gender equity, notions of discipline and parental expectations in the Asian culture. In this book, she uses anecdotes and real-life cases to help parents understand how best to guide their children without alienating them.

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