Transporting Your Motorcycle By Train? Here Are Some Must Know Details!

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Many transport their two-wheelers by train from one part of the country to another. Majority do this to either get it to someone else or while planning a trip to the Himalayas. So have you ever thought how to transport your motorcycle or the process involved? Here is the process involved and also, what you need to keep in mind while transporting your motorcycle by train to avoid damages.

Motorcycles, or infact any two-wheeler can be booked in two ways: 1. As a parcel 2. Along with the passenger

If you are booking the motorcycle as a parcel, it has to be done in advance during the office working hours, which is usually between 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Also, you DO NOT NEED a journey ticket to send the vehicle as a parcel.

At the other end, when the parcel is received, you can collect it only during working hours again.

If you are taking the vehicle with you in the train or somebody is travelling along with the motorcycle, the person should reach and notify the luggage office at least 2 hours before departure.

The passenger should have a valid journey ticket and the parcel in this case can be collected at the luggage office around the clock. If the owner of the motorcycle or the two-wheeler is not travelling, the person travelling with the parcel should be authorised by the owner to take delivery.

In terms of validating the vehicle, the original Registration Certificate (RC) and insurance papers must be produced at the booking office. DO NOT LEAVE THEM BEHIND. It is only to verify the motorcycle.

You should also declare the value of the motorcycle, along with the bikes engine number, chassis number, registration number of the vehicle, ID proof, original station, destination station, address of the sender and receiver, etc.

Once all this is done, make sure you drain the fuel tank completely and then pack it with materials that comply with the railway authorities.

The necessary markings will be done by the railway authorities and they will hand you over a copy of papers that you will need to produce when receiving your parcel at the other end.

A few tips to keep in mind while packing is find out if the motorcycle can be packed using an old mattress. The mattress will be soft, so the paint is not harmed and also, there wont be damages to the motorcycle.

Another important factor is before you pack your motorcycle, loosen your clutch and brake levers so they hang loose. This will help the levers be intact and last the journey. Also, do the same with the handle bar mounts, so that the handle bar wont bend during the journey in case of an impact.

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