Keep make-up brushes clean, avoid infections :

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New Delhi: Ragini Mehra, founder of Beauty Source India, an online retail store for skincare products, shared a few tips to maintain your brushes:

*There are brush cleaning accessories available that are made from special non-toxic material (that wont cause allergies) with different textures for cleaning different brushes (eye brushes, face brushes, dense brushes, fine brushes)," Ragini said.

All you have to do is wet your brush, squeeze a little brush cleaning shampoo or baby shampoo on it and rub it on the appropriate texture.

* A fun experiment to try is to clean a brush with baby shampoo and your fingers, and then try cleaning the same brush further on a brush cleaning accessory.

* The accessories are available in different formats and sizes. The spa brush cleaning glove, which is a lot of fun to put on your hand and rub your brushes on, is terrific for travelling.

*Apart from the bristles, its important to keep the ferrules of the brushes dry to ensure that they dont get damaged and start coming apart. Make sure to turn brushes upside-down after washing them and rub the ferrules between hands so all the water rushes downwards.

Make sure to hang them to dry, facing downwards. sorce - dtNEXT

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