Lions at Bengalurus Bannerghatta National Park charge at safari vehicles :

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In what looked like a deadly attack, at least three lions of Bengalurus Bannerghatta National Park charged at two safari vehicles carrying visitors and tried to get the doors opened.

A group of visitors at Bengalurus Bannerghatta National Park encountered an unusual attack from at least three lions in the safari park. Visitors, who were travelling in two different safari vehicles, were initially stopped by two lions. Soon after, the lions tried to get on to the car, walked beside it and later, chased it.

The incident was captured on camera by Durga Nandini, Director of Communications of and shared on Twitter by Dhanya Rajendran,

Bengalurus Bannerghatta National Park, located just 22 km from Bengaluru city, is a common tourist destination for people in Bengaluru and nearby areas. An area of 731.88 ha of the national park was set aside to constitute a biological reserve in 2002. This, called as the Bannerghatta Biological Park, has a zoo, an animal rescue centre, a butterfly park, an aquarium, a snake house and a safari park and hosts a variety of wildlife from peacock to lions.

Dhanya tweeted three videos on Twitter. Heres the first one that shows one lion charging towards the cars they had hired.

The first time the lion came running at the car. Not captured well

Describing the experience in a series of tweets, Dhanya wrote, "the car had scratches; holes actually. The scary bit was when two lions just blocked it for sometime."

This was as the two lions blocked and then later walked next to the car.

Dhanyas son was in the Toyota Innova seen in the video, and she says she freaked out seeing the lions blocking the car. She also tweeted, "so he also hit the tire and bonnet. But we could get only this much on camera. Too much excitement already by then,"

Some really crazy ***t happened to us when we went to Bannerghatta national park safari today.

She also said, "apparently its normal in a safari. But never happened in bannerghatta before as I had seen animals almost always sleeping (sic)."

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