New Age Techniques to find your Dream Job :

Posted by-Kalki Team

Looking for the right is actually quite easy if you plan right. Most of aspirants find it difficult because they don`t realize is that they are doing what hundred others have already done. What you need is an out-of-the-box new age strategy to make job searches easy and effective.

Get yourself innovative CV. Use quirky styles to push your CV.

Try making a video featuring your strengths and achievements.

Using the same resume format over and over again would not help. Create multiple and unique formats to capture the interviewer`s attention.

Instead of applying in the company where we want to work, most of us look for the job.

That`s simply not the correct approach. Search for companies that are market players instead.

Your former colleagues can be a great source for future job searches too. They can also provide testimonials for you.

Start following Twitter profiles and look for the company you want to work for. Even Facebook has several communities who post job openings regularly and where people from similar work backgrounds connect. LinkedIn is a great platform too.

A company where you want to work might not update their job vacancies page.

Therefore, do not limit your search only to job openings.

Internships are excellent for gaining knowledge and experience. Hence, if you come across an internship opportunity for a month or 6 months, do not hesitate in taking that.

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