Michael Jackson iconic dance moves :

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On his 58th birthday anniversary, here are Michael Jacksons five greatest dance moves that mesmerised generations to come.

Call him either King of Pop or MJ, he will always be the part of our growing up years. Michael Jackson was not only known for his superhit tracks but also for his killer moves while performing on stage or in his videos.

His journey into showbiz started pretty early; when other kids of his age would be playing in the park he would be recording songs in the studio and touring along with his family and siblings with their famous family band called The Jackson 5.

He was an international superstar since the age of 6, right up until the day of his untimely death in June 2009.

So, in honour of the late icons birthday on August 29, were revisiting his most celebrated dance moves, which include the famous moonwalk, anti-gravity lean,the crotch grab and others.

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