Auspicious Housewarming Tips for Entering a New home :

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Entering a new home is an important aspect of Vaastu Shastra. The first entry in the house at the auspicious moment is called Graha Pravesh ceremony. This custom is done so as to keep evil forces away from entering the new home. Even after land acquisition, a prayer service is performed called as Bhumi Poojan.

There are three types of Graha Pravesh mentioned in the scriptures.

Apoorva Graha Pravesh is the first entry to live in house newly constructed on a newly selected land. Sapoorva graha pravesh is entry into an already existing house to live in it after traveling abroad or migration elsewhere. And Dwandwah Graha Pravesh which is entry into a house to live in it after renovation of the house damaged by fire, flood waters, electricity, wind etc. Following are a few vastu tips for entering a new home.

Always arrange the ganpati and vaastu pooja at the time of Griha Pravesh.

While entering the house for the first time for Griha Pravesh (House Warming), keep your right leg inside the house first.

When Griha Pravesh is done, the members should sleep in the home that night.

The owner of the house should take at least one round of the building after Vastupujan.

Female members of the family should take one round of the plot with water pots on their heads or shoulders and drop flowers while doing the same.

Put one kalash filled with water or milk inside the house on the day of Griha Pravesh and donate that pot to a poor man or in the temple the next day.

Milk must be boiled in the house on the day of Griha Pravesh.

House should not be left completely vacant for the next 40 days and at least one member of the house should be present in the house.

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