Plants that keep environment of house pure :

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Nowadays, you find your surroundings full of pollution, toxins and other harmful chemicals. Not only outside environment but your house is extremely polluted. To stay healthy you need to keep it fresh and toxin free from inside too. To combat this issue, we have 6 house plant suggestions to make your house environment pure.

Aloe Vera:-

Aloe vera plant can be grown easily which purifies the environment. It is good choice for home due to its air-cleaning abilities. Well, the gel of aloe vera plant is good for skin, heals burns and abrasions. The people of Egypt have been using this immortal plant for around 6000 years. Brown spots appear on the aloe vera plant leaves when environment becomes excessively polluted.

Gerbera Daisy:-

Bright Gerberas reduces the effect of trichloroethylene that spreads in air due to dry cleaning. This plant requires enough amount of direct sunlight every day. This plant can be placed in bedrooms or laundry room. It is necessary to keep appropriate holes in pot of plant for drainage.

Snake Plant:-

This plant makes your surroundings clean by absorbing harmful CO2 and releasing oxygen during the night. It can be placed at any corner of house. Snake plant can grow even with less water and less sunlight. This plant cleans out formaldehyde which is found in personal care products, toilet paper and other cleaning products.

English Ivy:-

The airborne fecal matter and formaldehyde will be reduced by this plant. It grows in moist soil and medium sunlight. Scientist considers English Ivy to be one of the best air-filtering houseplant.

Bamboo Palm:-

Bamboo palm is best for filtering trichloroethylene and benzene. You can place this plant near furniture. An overwatered bamboo palm will not grow properly. Humidity and indirect sunlight are suitable to grow this plant.

Peace Lily:-

This plant removes formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air. This is a low maintenance house plant. Peace Lily needs shade to bloom. Weekly watering is enough for Peace Lily plant. This house plant reduces several toxins from the environment.

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