Most controversial tourist places of the world ;

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Tourism can be a boost for many places but for few controversial places it can boost controversy and exploitation of local resources and in some cases human beings also. Theres even a term than a tourism to describe a trend in traveling to sites associated with death and suffering.

Plastinarium in Guben, Germany The Plastination is a technique used in anatomy for preserving the body for research purposes. Dr Gunther von Hagens museum has been a controversial place for many years. It has contributed a lot in medical studies, but is not safe for tourists especially the medical students.

Antarctica Antarctica is now open to the everyday tourist for a small window of time each summer in the Southern Hemisphere. The remotest continent attracted about 35,000 people this season. There are concerns that visitors could be bringing diseases or seeds that may disrupt the fragile Antarctic ecosystem.

Devils Island, French Guiana The Devils Island is one of the largest islands in the world. It is a major place of the Atlantic Ocean, situated about 14 km off the coast of French Guiana in South America. It is called as "the Green Hell". It is said to be hub of various spirits and paranormal activities have been noticed in the area.

London Dungeon, UK The London Dungeon is a popular London tourist attraction, which recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a gallows humour style aimed at younger audiences. This is considered to be the place where some deaths took place in the history. It has long been involved in a graphic spectacle of torture and a bloody bunch of rather tasteless exhibitions.

Dharavi Slum, India The streets are filthy, the smell is horrific and theres certainly no Starbucks. Dharavi slum so popular with tourists. Perhaps "Slumdog Millionaire" had something to do with it. Dharavi features prominently in the film and was home of many of its child actors.

Padaung Karen Reserve, Thailand In Thailand, One such community is Paduang Karen, which is famous for Long Neck Women. Here women wear brass rings across their neck to deform their chests and shoulders to give an ill-illusion of long necks.

Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, USA After the Hurricane Katrina walloped New Orleans, the people of the Lower Ninth Ward had noticed some of the suspicious individuals wandering in their streets. Whoever visits this place is not treated well. This is why, one should not think of visiting the Lower Ninth Ward.

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