Lemon hacks to use in the kitchen :

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Lemons have several uses, and they are not just food-related. As lemons are packed with many nutrients like Vitamin C, pectin, antioxidants, B-vitamins and calcium, it is an all purpose fruit. It is used in beauty product to cleaning products. It has many medicinal values too. Here are five kitchen hacks of lemon.

Clean your cutting boards Scrub stubborn stains and bacteria from wooden or plastic cutting boards using half a lemon and coarse salt.

Prevent rice from sticking to your pot If you have ever cooked rice and burnt more at the bottom of the pot than you would have liked, stop being disappointed and try out this trick. Add some lemon peels to a pot of rice and water before bringing it to a boil. Once the rice is done, simply remove the peels before serving.

Mosquito repellent The different coils, mats and sprays add to many respiratory allergies. Instead. opt for a healthy home remedy. Stuff a lemon with sufficient amount of cloves keep it below your bed and your natural mosquito repellent.

Get rid of odor on hands Lemon juice will help neutralize odors from pungent foods, like onions and garlic. After handling items that leave your hands smelling stinky, wash hands in a mixture of lemon juice and water.

All purpose cleaner lemons are all purpose cleaners. All you need to do is add lemon juice and water in equal amounts and spray it on the things you need to clean. It can be used to clean anything from bathroom to kitchen things.

Living space smells fresh Just boil few lemons and let the citrus fragrance spread across the house. This gives a pleasant, fresh smell.

Keep apples fresh To keep cut apples or avocados from getting discoloured, just sprinkle some lemon juice over it. It keeps it fresh, and helps them not turn brown for a longer period of time.

Whiten your teeth Use this natural remedy to get sparkling white teeth. Mix baking soda and lemon and apply it on your teeth. This instantly brightens your teeth. But make sure you do not keep it for long as it makes your teeth brittle.

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