Useful Tips to Give Life to Your Prisma Photos :

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The app stores are flooded with many apps that add art filters to your photos, but Prisma has grabbed the attention of millions. The application is now available for both Android and iOS.

With Prisma, you can apply filters to your photos and make them look like real drawings or paintings without any digital approximation. This is done with the help of the cloud-based machine learning technology that the app uses.

It is simple to use the Prisma app, but theres more than just adding a random filter to your photo to get the best effects. Here are some tips and tricks to use the app to create a gallery with masterpieces. Take a look!

By default, Prisma adds a small logo watermark at the bottom right corner of the completed artworks. It is an unwanted distraction to your lovely painting-like image. You can remove this with a simple trick. You need to open the settings of Prisma before taking snaps and click on the option Enable Watermarks to turn the toggle off. This will keep the app away from adding the watermark to your images.

Forget the Watermark

Of course, there is a camera function in Prisma, but this camera lacks HDR and manual controls. All you can do with this camera is just control the flash. The good thing is that the app lets you import photos that are stored in your devices gallery.

Dont Always Use the Prisma Camera

The filters in Prisma make use of well-designed algorithms to create the artistic effects that you see in the output. You need to understand how each filter actually works to know what you need to look for in the base photos. Each filter is unique and it is recommended that you practice with all the filters to find out what works well with your photo.

Practice Well

Avoid using the flat photos that lack definition as such photos will get even flatter when the filters are applied. This will result in a loss of detail and the result will be dull and unimpressive.

Avoid Flat Photos

Prisma has a selection of art filters and it might take you enough time to find out the best ones that will yield good results. Filters such as Curtain, Electric, and MIOBI result in brush style strokes that will usually work with most shots. On the other hand, filters like Heisenberg will be great only for the right kind of base shot.

Understand the Filters Well

You can adjust the intensity of the Prisma filters by simply sliding your finger right and left on the image. Usually, most filters work the best at high intensities. But, there are exceptions and some filters such as Roland and Flame Flower can be toned down a bit.

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