5 Personality traits to master art of persuasion :

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Persuasion is not at all an easy task. To persuade an intelligent person is all about him/her considering your pitch and eventually buying it. Whether it is for a highly lucrative job or for your investors, the art of persuasion is very important in work life. Here are 5 personality traits to master art of persuasion.

There`s nothing wrong about bragging your best... Quickly grab the attention of your audience by showing off the best part of your pitch. Do not wait for the last moment, as they may lose interest by then.

Anticipate audience`s expectations... Not only should you go in with your own game plan, you also need to anticipate the other person`s likely moves. Be prepared to answer questions, anticipate where naysayers will express skepticism and dodge them skillfully.

Do not apologize for your pitch... Why should you apologize for your pitch? `I know you find this boring, but if I get through it quickly you`ll be bored for a shorter period of time.` Do you understand what is wrong in this sentence? Actually each and every word of it.

Make you audience visualize success... Offer your audience with a bigger picture of the result of your idea if implemented. Paint a specific and visual picture of what success could look like.

Ban fillers... Fillers may seem like a normal part of our conversations, but they make you look clueless and under confident while pitching. In case you are struggling to say the next sentence, rather, speak slow and use more pauses as you talk.

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