This much sleep is adequate for each zodiac :

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Let`s look into sleeping habits of each of the zodiac sign today. Your zodiac moon sign determines your sleeping pattern, habits in bed, dreams and ultimately your health. If you have a disturbed sleeping pattern, it can be corrected with these amount of sleep each day.

Aries... Aries should try to sleep in cooler rooms with a comfortable bed and zero noise. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is sufficient. They usually sleep like a log when there is nothing to bother them.

Taurus... Taurus needs to sleep well to maintain their beauty especially in a hygienic bed with soft pillows to sleep tight. Well, they should as much as sleep they can. 25 hours we say.

Gemini... Geminis are restless sleepers. Only way they can sleep well is by switching off their gadgets before hitting bed. As for sleeping hours either 2 or 12 hours, there is no in between.

Cancer... They suffer from either excess sleep or insomnia. They cannot sleep well during travel or in new places. A strong 10 hours is much required.

Leo... They should try to sleep on their back and leave everything that happened during daytime before hitting the bed only to be relaxed and feel secured. For them, 7 hours of sleep is sufficient.

Virgo... They tend to think, plan and worry too much even while in bed. They must stop worrying about future or past and just sleep. 8 hours of sleep is ideal.

Libra... Librans too need good environment to sleep well and look healthy. 8 hours of sleep is ideal.

Scorpio... Scorpions can spend entire night either working or reading without affecting their health.They are the night owls of the zodiac. 1 hour is sufficient.

Sagittarius... Sagittarians like to travel and if they cannot their mind will even while in bed. They should take long gaps between each trip and imagine less about travelling. They go by the motto, sleep is for no one. Give a shot of 5 hours at least.

Capricorn... Sleeping is like just another daily chore to complete for them. All they require is 5 hours lying in bed day dreaming and 5 hours actually sleeping.

Aquarius... They are the most sleep deprived sign as they tend to worry about people`s opinion. Practice yoga and turn off all gadgets before giving sleep a try. Get as much sleep as you can.

Pisces... They are most imaginative creatures and love to dream in sleep. They are spiritual and can analyze their vivid dreams too. 18 hours is the happy figure.

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