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Ellora Caves is situated on the Aurangabad-Chalisgaon road at a distance of 30 km north-west of Aurangabad in the Sahyadri Hills, Maharashtra, India. It was built between the 6th and 10th centuries AD near the ancient Indian village of Ellora. Ellora Caves, locally known as Verul Leni. Its a World Heritage site.

Its structures really impressive including rock cut temples and monasteries. Its one of the largest rock-hewn monastic temple complexes in the entire world. Ellora is also world famous for the largest single monolithic excavation in the world. Ellora Caves, the most visited ancient monument in India.

Ellora Caves are not only a unique artistic creation and a technological exploit but, with its sanctuaries devoted to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, it illustrates the spirit of tolerance that was characteristic of ancient India. There are 34 major caves, numbered consecutively rather than chronologically, starting with the Buddhist group (Caves 1-13) in the south. Other groups are dedicated to the Brahmanical pantheon (Caves 14-29) and to Jainism (Caves 30-34).

The most notable monument is Cave 16, the Kailasa Temple, which represents the culmination of rock-cut architecture, with huge sculptural reliefs heightening the overall symbolism of the temple as cosmic mountain and as the home of Shiva.

The Buddhist Caves: The Buddhist caves (also called Vishvakarma caves) were the earliest structures created between the 500 AD and 750 AD. All except Cave 10 are viharas (monasteries), which were used for study, meditation, communal rituals, eating and sleeping.

The Hindu Caves: There were 17 Hindu caves in all (numbered 14 to 29), which were created between 600 AD and 870 AD. They occupy the center of the cave complex, grouped around either side of the famous Kailasa Temple. Hindu caves are covered in lively bas-reliefs depicting events from the Hindu scriptures. All of the caves are dedicated to the god Shiva, but there are also some images of Vishnu and his various incarnations.

The Jain Caves: The Jain caves were created between the late 800 AD and 900 AD. They reflect the distinctiveness of Jain philosophy and tradition, including a strict sense of asceticism combined with elaborate decoration. Many of the Jain caves had rich paintings in the ceilings, fragments of which are still visible.

How to reach Ellora Caves:

By Flight, the nearest airport is at Aurangabad, 30 km away from Caves. Aurangabad has a good national airport, which is well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad.

By Rail, Aurangabad Railway station is nearest to Caves, there are a plenty of private car services you can hire or you can avail the bus service from railway station to the caves.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit the Caves is during the months of October to February (winter season) and from June to September (monsoon season); these are the best time to visit.

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