When the spectacular Norway was captured on Lenses :

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This British-born photographer Paul Edmundson captured the serene beauty of Norwegian water they cut through mountains, glaciers and valleys, on camera. In a move, which he calls the 400s, he sets his camera to take a 400 second exposure, which is a remarkably long time by most photography standards. Here are a few pictures from his album on this Scandinavian country.

He captured the light and vibrant colours of the Lysebotn landscape with grace and solitude.

Stegastein Viewpoint takes on an atmospheric quality when the low fog of the fjord rolls in and the platform is trapped between the clouds.

Glow in the Dark: The town of Undredal offers spectacular views as the sunsets.

Edmundson captures the last glimmer of sunlight before it dipped below the mountains and as the moon rises over the snowy cliffs and frozen fjord.

Norways countryside serene and tranquil nature has full control of the surroundings.

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