Lesser known origin of Mouth Watering Desserts :

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The world is filled with mouth watering and delectable desserts for us to devour. We all love desserts and can eat them anytime of the day. Desserts have been the safest resort for everything in this world. Here are 9 lovely sweet treats and their origins.

Pastry, Mediterranean Region... Pastry can be traced back to the short crust era of flaky dough that was in use throughout the Mediterranean in ancient times.

There is also strong evidence that Egyptians produced pastry-like confections.

Red Velvet Cake, USA... Red Velvet Cake dates back to the 19th century. John Adams, owner of The Adams Extract Company wanted to sell more dyes and food colours after Drug and Cosmetic Act was passed in 1938. And red cake was invented.

Black Forest Cake, Germany... The name of the cake isnt derived from a forest or a mountain range in Germany but on the basis of the liqueur. In 1915, Joseph Keller made the first black forest cake from sour cherries.

Falooda, Iran... Known as Faludeh, this cool sweet drink originated in Shiraz, Persia is one of the oldest desserts of the world. Falooda dates its origins back to 400 BC. Falooda was introduced in South East Asia by the Mughals.

Chocolate Truffle, France... Chocolate truffle was accidentally created by French culinary expert August Escoffier. While making pastry cream instead of mixing hot cream with an egg mixture, he ended up mixing with chocolate chunks. He coated the thickened mixture with cocoa powder and chocolate truffle came into existence.

Gelato, Italy... Gelato is Italian ice cream with history dating back to the 16th century. Though the creator of this sweet delight is not much known stories suggest it was Bernardo Buontalenti from Florence who enchanted the court of Ceterina Dei Medici with his cold creation.

Chom Chom, Bangladesh... Chom Chom is another super delicious Bengali sweet originated in Porabari, Tangail, Bangladesh. Chom Chom unites the rich cultures of Asia and the Continent with fresh and authentic ingredients.

Croissants, Austria... Croissants are worlds sweetest crunch of melted symphony. The ancestor of the croissant dates back to Austria in the 13th century.

Marshmallows, Egypt... Marshmallows were used by ancient Egyptian as medicine to cure sore throat. Later, sap from the plant was mixed with honey and nuts. Today, the pit of the marshmallow plant is used to produce the soft delicious chewy confection.

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