Worlds weirdest natural phenomena :

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There are plenty of breathtaking man-made sights in the world, but this infographic is a reminder that Mother Nature has a few eye catching delights for tourists, too. Here are some worlds weirdest natural phenomena.

Dirty thunderstorms refers to lightning that occurs during a volcanic plume, creating static charges.

Rainbow eucalyptus occurs in the Northern Hemisphere as patches of outer bark shed at different times.

Bioluminescent waves, which can be found in the Maldives, are caused by hytoplanktons cell membranes.

On Christmas Island, the annual breeding of red crabs is a truly amazing spectacle.

The Northern Lights phenomena is caused by charged particles from cosmic rays.

Fallstreak holes occur when a portion of a cloud with super-cooled water droplets freezes and creates ice crystals.

Kjeragbolten Boulder in Norway is lodged between two mountains, caused by moving rock formations.

A red sunset occurs during the point in the day when the suns light must travel further through the atmosphere to reach the eye.

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