Favorite food from the streets of India :

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India, the land of diversity is so varied that every state exhibits a different culture, tradition, a way of life, language and cuisine. Even the street food found in the country comes with its unique identity. From idli sambhar of Tamil Nadu to kachoris of Rajasthan, here are 7 of the most popular and favorite food from the streets of India:

Tamil Nadus Idli... Idli is made from ingredients like raw rice, par boil rice, rice flakes, white lentil, semolina and yogurt. It is flavored with any combination of vegetarian and non vegetarian toppings, mixtures and fillings. This mouthwatering cuisine is served with coconut chutney, ghee, gun powder and sambhar.

Bengals Phuchka... Phuchka have two major types - whole wheat flour and semolina. The real taste comes from the filling and spicy water. Fillings include a combination of white peas, green peas, kabuli chola, desi chana, potato, boondi, vegetable mixture, raw mango.

Karnatakas Dosa... This soft, spongy and fluffy dish is made with parboiled and beaten rice. The batter is fermented and a small dose of sugar is added to cut the sourness. It is served in a set of three small dosas, piled one on top of the other with thin vegetable curry.

UPs Aloo Tikki... This delicious dish from UP is served with various toppings ranging from - onion, tomato, chana, chole, peanut, white pea, chilly, coriander leaves, mint chutney, dry ginger chutney, yogurt, fennel, cumin, dry mango powder, black salt, besan sev, broken wheat papdi, fried rice crispies to crushed golgappa. Every Thele wala has its very own version of the tikki, sauce or stuffing.

Rajasthans Kachori... Kachori has a high shelf life and is prefect as a travel food. Though found in every state of the country, Rajasthan in particular has a very special version. A kachori has a crisp exterior which is can be easily broken into a hollowed centre. The center is filled with a dry potato preparation and topped with sweet-spicy chutney.

Bihars Litti-Chokha... Litti-Chokha is made with sattu or with a combination of rice, wheat, millet, sorghum, lentils, onion, garlic, chilly, pepper corn, corn etc. Chokha is made with tomato or potato.

Maharashtras Bhel Puri... Bhelpuri is a low fat nutritious delicacy from Maharashtra. The extra dose of lime, chilly, powdered jaggery and amchoor powder makes it extra special. There are various versions like sookha ya geela or khatta ya teekha.

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