Smartphone Photography: Tips to shoot like a Pro :

Posted by-Kalki Team

The quote, not all who possess a digital camera is a photographer is very true. Photography has little to do with owning the best camera thats out in the market. What makes you a photographer is understanding the lighting and composition.

This way you can capture stunning photographs even with your humble smartphone. Check out these 8 awesome smartphone photography tips that will help you shoot like a pro:

Poke a hole in a piece of cardboard and affix it over your cameras lens to turn your smart phone into a pinhole camera.

For underwater photos, use an empty glass cup as housing.

Transform your normal camera lens into macro lens by putting a drop of water on the camera lens.

Take a drive-by panoramic shot from a running car (not for the driver) by using the panoramic mode.

Take out your old binoculars and use them as zoom lens for your smartphone.

Make a mini tripod for selfies with a piece of cardboard.

Use sunglasses as polarizing filters to capture photographs in different hues and gradients.

You can turn ordinary photographs into vintage masterpieces by dabbing a little bit of vaseline on the camera lens.

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