Prosperous Vastu Tips for Better Income :

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The ancient science of architecture, Vaastu teaches the art to arrange the home in a way to attract money, wealth and prosperity. Vaastu helps in bringing back profits, bestowing wealth and also makes sure to let all your finances flow without any hitch. Here are 10 such Vastu tips to improve wealth and increase income.

North and Northeast corner of the house is considered at the center of God of wealth. Therefore, it should always be kept clean.

Place a mirror in front of the cash locker. It symbolizes doubling of wealth.

The money locker should be placed closer to the south west or north east corner of the house.

Do not make staircase in the north east corner of the house. Also avoid keeping heavy machinery, ladder or metal storage in this corner.

Keep your bedroom window open at least 20 minutes a day to allow fresh energy to come in.

Main door of the house should not face the end of a long corridor as it risk financial investments. The effect can be diluted by keeping a plant halfway down the corridor.

Fish aquarium is symbolic of wealth and prosperity. Choose healthy fish and keep the water dirt free and aerated.

All the clocks in the house should be in working order. Slow clocks signify that you are behind your due date.

Feed water and grains to birds in your yard to attract positive energy and wealth.

Never keep brooms, mops, shoes or anything dirty under the staircase. Also do not keep the brooms standing.

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