Easy Tips to Plant a Beautiful Terrarium ;

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If you do not have much spare time to give to a fully fledged garden, but have the craving to create one, even a small one will do... why not create an indoor garden that fits on a tabletop? Plant unusual tropical plants inside glass containers known as terrariums. They are easy to care for and do not require any special skills for success. Here are some very easy planting tips that will help you create your own beautiful terrarium.

Thing to gather...

Planting container, Plants, Gravel or small stones for drainage, Coir Brick and Fiberglass screen

Choosing a container... While closed containers hold more humidity and create vast greenery, open containers are ideal for plants that prefer less humidity like cactus and succulent gardens. Clear, smooth glass offers the best view of the plants. Keep a pair of long tweezers or a set of kitchen tongs handy to make positioning the plants easier.

Choosing plants... Select varieties according to the place you plan on displaying your terrarium, like how much light will the plants receive. Placing it in the south and west facing windows will provide strong bright light. Then again, east windows provide medium and fluorescent office lighting and north facing windows provide low to medium light.Ideally, the plants will grow slowly or remain small. Therefore, choose pest free plants so that they do not create havoc to your mini garden.

Assembling the terrarium... Use coconut husk fiber bricks to soak the planting medium. Make sure it holds water without getting soggy. Soak the brick in a bucket with plenty of warm water for about 30 minutes and break it up with a trowel as it expands.

Maintaining good drainage... Add an inch or two of gravel to the bottom of the container and avoid shells, limestone and other materials that might change the pH of the soil.

Covering the gravel... Cut a piece of fiberglass window screen to completely cover the gravel. It keeps the soil from falling into the gravel. Position the screen so it covers the gravel.

Putting moistened coir... Put moistened coir into the container up to least 2" to 3" if the container is deep enough. The deeper the container, the better it looks with more soil.

Deciding arrangement... Move the plant around on the tabletop to decide on the best combination and arrangement before setting it into the terrarium. Starting with the largest plant, gently remove the soil from the root mass. Trim overly long roots to help fit them into the container.

Placing the plant... Place the tallest plant toward the back or off-center to create an asymmetrical design. If you wish to have more than one plant, divide them and place the smaller plants around the terrarium to create unity or rhythm.

Rehydrating... Rehydrate the sheet moss by dipping it in a bowl of water. Break it into smaller bits and tuck it into pockets throughout the terrarium. Use tongs to position moss and plants. And you are good to go. Terrariums only require occasional watering and trimming. Just keep the water level below the screen so that the soil doesnt get saturated. Happy Gardening!

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