Here is an excerpt From the First Editorial of Gokulam (July 1988 Vol.1 No.1)

Dear Children,

We warmly welcome you into our circle of readers. Our magazine has been read by many thousands of Tamil children for more than six years. Now we would like children from all over India to share their joy and enthusiasm. So we have decided to bring out ‘Gokulam’ in English as well.

What is Gokulam? Gokulam is the name of the place where Sri Krishna grew up. As a child, he and his friends found great happiness there, playing on the banks of the River Yamuna and revelling in the beauty of nature, while minding the cows. We hope our magazine can give you glimpses into the joy of childhood too! We look forward to a very long friendship with you.

True to its motto, Gokulam celebrates childhood, giving its young readers the joy of exploring the world of books. Gokulam enlightens children in all aspects of life, developing their overall personality, physical, mental and emotional. Gokulam encourages its young readers to read and write and instills quality of thought, action and words through its diversified, interesting columns combined with fun, joy and enthusiasm.

Gokulam has well adapted to the changing times since its inception in 1988 and caters to the requirements of the changing trends without compromising on its standard and ideology. Happy Reading!

- Editor